School prospectus


The school prospectus is to inform you on the education program at De Eglantier School. The prospectus includes our mission statement, school values and what to expect at De Eglantier. Parents of future students can find out why De Eglantier is a good choice for their child’s educational needs. Parents who already have children at our school can find practical information about our school. 

Teaching is of the utmost importance at De Eglantier. Next to a strong curriculum in  numeracy, literacy and other subjects, the school also recognizes the importance of developing confidence and independence in children. As a result, children learn to cooperate, be helpful, patient and respectful towards authority. Eglantier children and families are drawn from a rich variety of social backgrounds, family structures, ethnic groups and religions.

In this document, you will find a brief outline of our school and the following information:


  • What do children learn at De Eglantier
  • How we care for the children
  • Expectations from both parents and school
  • School performance

The prospectus was drawn from our school plan. This four-year plan outlines the future targets and plans for the school and identifies areas to be developed. It also includes our educational policy, staffing policy and quality and assurance (?) policy.  You are invited to take a look at this plan in the principal’s office upon request. The school prospectus was written by the school’s management team and has been approved by the Local Education Authority. 

We hope you will enjoy reading it. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements please feel free to contact the school.

Marc Briek (locationmanager)